Indivisible hits funding target with just days to spare

Lab Zero has reached its funding of $1.5 million with 3 days left to go for its 2D action RPG, Indivisible.

Originally, it looked as though the game might miss its target funding goal, but a surge of backers last night ensured that the game would see the light of day. Now that the funding has been successful, 505 Games has agreed to add a further $2 million to the pot, as Lab Zero has met the required funds.

Designer, Earl Gertwagen seemed ecstatic with the news, writing on the games funding page:


And we don’t just mean Lab Zero. We mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON who contributed, played the prototype, spread the word, and supported us throughout this long campaign.

We wouldn’t be here without you, and we mean that now more than ever.


For those of you that don’t know, Indivisble is a side-scrolling RPG that is inspired by the PlayStation classic: Valkyrie Profile. What made Valkyria Profile unique in its style was how the games Dungeon exploration  performed like a platformer, with primary protagonist, Lenneth Valkyrie being the only visible character who could jump, slide and swing her sword. Much like Indivisible’s protagonist, Ajna.

The recently funded game takes place in a huge fantasy world that is home to various cultures and mythologies. Players will be able to navigate these beautiful environments and terrains using a variety of different traversal abilities, and engage monsters in fast-paced combat.

The game will be launch in January 2018 and will be available across multiple platforms. You can download a prototype of the game here. 

As always, be sure to follow the site for all the latest news and updates!


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