Another WWII Title Appears On Kickstarter

It seems that Bulkhead Interactive’s Battalion 1944 is not the only WWII game trying to add light to this seemingly baron landscape.

Days of War from Driven Arts is currently drafting fresh faced backers to its Kickstarter campaign, and like Battalion 1944, it aims to provide a competitive multiplayer experience with the sole aim to “revive the style of classic WWII shooters from the 2000-2010 era.”

The game has been been in development for the past 2 years, utilising the Unreal Engine 4, and values competition more than anything else, where “The only way to gain an advantage over your opponent is a more accurate shot, or a better strategic position. Sharp corners, fast movement and powerful weapons: Days of War is about cold steel and hot lead.  You and your rifle, no more, no less.”

Modding communities will be able to have free reign over “Custom map creation, editable rulesets and dedicated server hosting tools. Tun[ing] Days of War to be the game you and your clanmates want it to be.”

Below is the timeline for development with milestones for Alpha, Early Access, Beta and Final Release. Make sure you check out the trailer above.

Days of War - Timeline

There certainly seems to be a resurgence in the development of WWII shooters, and who knows, we may even see a AAA game in the near future, fingers crossed. Click here to check out my feature about why I think it’s time to reboot WWII shooters.


4 thoughts on “Another WWII Title Appears On Kickstarter

    • I got very bored of WWII shooters, but I have really started to miss them. It’s a bittersweet cocktail of nostalgia, mixed with a general fascination for a time that was not my own. But now I feel I’m ready to dust off the old Tommy Gun and venture back into 1940s Europe.

  1. Is this a multiplayer only experience? That is what it is sounding out to be like. Somewhat reminiscent of the older WWII multiplayer games like:

    – Battlefield
    – Medal of Honor
    – Call of Duty

    The game itself looks good, but I’m not too keen on it being multiplayer only =/ (if true), because there are too many of those nowdays. One with a great single player, now that would be a game I would really look forward to.

    • Sadly it’s multiplayer only, but you should check out Battalion 1944, they promise to deliver both online multiplayer and a single-player campaign if they reach their funding goal.

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