Things we want in the next Zelda game

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was our Game of the Year 2017 thanks to its beautiful world, seemingly endless exploration and fearless reworking of past Zelda tropes and conventions. Producer Eiji Aonuma recently mentioned that he’d like to maintain the level of freedom seen in Breath of the Wild when creating future titles. This means the next Zelda game could open up even more possibilities and unique interactions that would allow us to spend another 100+ hours messing around in the lush lands of Hyrule. We’re not expecting anything tangible to be shown for quite some time, but that hasn’t stopped us from coming up with a list of some of the things we want to see in the next Zelda epic.
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  1. The way they approached dungeon design in Breath of the Wild kind of reminds me of those albums that primarily consist of a lot of short, good songs. It did sort of go for quantity over quality, but I felt it was a net positive overall. Nonetheless, it would indeed be nice if the next console installment was a return to form with more elaborate dungeons.

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