How Overwatch builds meaningful lore through passive storytelling

Overwatch’s new Retribution PvE mode has delivered fans with one of the deepest lore-themed events we’ve seen from Blizzard’s hero-based FPS. However, this new mode is an exception to Overwatch’s minimal in-game storytelling rule. Overwatch breaks free from conventional video game narrative methods and instead relies on a number of non-game media and various character interactions to build meaningful interactions.

This passive approach to storytelling is what keeps Overwatch’s characters and wider world so fresh, while also being loose enough that it can freely shift and change. In fact, Overwatch doesn’t require players to know a single thing about the game’s lore to enjoy the tense team-based action it presents. With the recent Retribution mode proving popular among players, we decided to take a look at how Blizzard’s hero shooter builds meaningful lore through passive storytelling.
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